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Disgraced Ex-Official In Scandal-Stained City Loses Parking Lot Job


Last week, Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez discovered Rizzo was working at the museum, apparently as part of his community service requirement related to a DUI charge, and went down there to talk to him:

"You look famous," I said to him.

He shrugged.

Now, the Times reports, Rizzo is out:

"He found us and said he wanted to do some volunteering service," said Kitty Willis, a docent at the museum. "We always look at our volunteers to make sure that their volunteer service does not impact the museum negatively ... and apparently it has and he's no longer here."

"The focus of the museum is the surfing community and making sure that any of the volunteers that we allow to come in here and do their time don't have a negative impact and he did," Willis added. "So he's not here and won't be coming back ever."