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Dems Want FBI To Probe Jeff Flake Polling Place Robocalls


"Had KPNX provided us with detailed information on their report prior to airing it, we could have informed them that the Democrat they interviewed received the call because, according the voting records, she had the same phone number as a Republican who lives in the precinct we provided information for," Flake said in the statement. "Again, this autodial was targeted to Republicans. Any Democrats who received the call (which in all likelihood was a small number) did so because of errant information in the database owing to circumstances like those detailed above."

D.B. Mitchell, a spokesman for the Arizona Democratic Party, told TPM that party officials sent complaints to the Arizona Secretary of State, the Arizona Attorney General's Office as well as the Justice Department and the FBI.

The Polltracker Average currently shows Flake leading his Democratic opponent Richard Carmona 51 to 46 percent.

Mitchell provided TPM with a copy of the robocall left on Crecco's answering machine. It is embedded below.