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Cummings and Issa Clash At First Oversight Committee Hearing (VIDEO)


But Democrats on the committee say that Issa told them as recently as yesterday that there would be opening statements. They also say that Issa wouldn't allow them to have a representative of J.P. Morgan on the panel.

"You did not want the industry witness to testify here today," Cummings said in the prepared opening statement he never delivered. "But my understanding is that you are prepared to schedule another hearing next month to investigate these and other abuses by the industry. It's hard for me to understand how we can have today's hearing on the foreclosure crisis without anyone from industry at the witness table. Nevertheless, if that is your plan, I will accept your assurance that the Committee will conduct a thorough, bipartisan investigation of the industry's role in the foreclosure crisis."

Cummings interjected with several 'point of order' inquires while Issa prepared to introduce those testifying before the committee. Video below.