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Crowd Gathers At Mass. Hospital Following Bombing Arrest

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Dzokhar Tsarnaev, 19, was taken away from a Watertown, Mass., neighborhood in an ambulance after a standoff with police. Authorities said he was alive but had been injured during the manhunt and was in serious condition.

Police moved the crowd away from the building and put up yellow tape. At one point, a person in the crowd yelled out to ask a police officer how the officer was doing. The officer's only reply was a thumbs up.

It turns out the crowd was all for nothing. A police officer came out more than an hour after people began to gather and said that, while Tsarnaev was originally set to come to Mount Auburn, plans had changed.

"A decision was made by medics on scene," the officer said. He would not say where Tsarnaev had been taken instead.

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