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Crist Photo With Accused Fraudster: 'Scott -- you're amazing!'

Newscom / ss5

We've told you how Crist, who is running for US Senate, has tried to distance himself from Rothstein despite evidence of a host of close ties -- including a picture of the two men blowing out Crist's birthday cake, sponsored by Rothstein for $52,000. There are 15 -- yes, fifteen -- photos of the governor with Rothstein inside and just outside his law firm office, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Rothstein is accused of selling phony legal settlements to investors who were promised big returns, though he has not been criminally charged.

The Journal also surfaces this fun detail about Rothstein's extravagant lifestyle:

At an Eagles concert this year, Don Henley, the band's drummer, singled out Mr. Rothstein and his wife, Kimberly. "I don't normally do this, but this goes out to Scott and Princess Kimmy on their one-year wedding anniversary," Mr. Henley told the audience as the band ripped into "Life in the Fast Lane," its paean to the perils of excess. Mr. Rothstein paid $100,000 to one of Mr. Henley's charities for the dedication.

The full story is here.