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CNN Lets 'You Decide' About Trump's 'Birther' Claims (VIDEO)


"Donald Trump says Obama wasn't born here," CNN anchor Deborah Feyerick says, in a teaser for the segment. "We'll show you the evidence, and let you decide."

A little later, Feyerick introduces the segment by crediting Trump with "stirring controversy for reigniting the debate" about whether Obama is natural born citizen of the United States. Then, after airing audio of an interview Trump did with the network, where he rehashes the birther conspiracy's usual points, Feyerick promises that reporter Brian Todd "is breaking down fact and fiction in the birther debate."

Todd takes over, and first assures the viewer that "CNN and other news outlets have investigated and so far have found no evidence that the President was not born in the U.S." (Meanwhile, the chryon at the bottom of the screen reads: "Trump Spurs Birther Debate.") Todd then proceeds to present evidence against the claims that Trump made in his interview -- without ever going so far as to rule definitively, one way or another, on the "birther issue."