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CIA Operative, Who Caused International Crisis After Killings, Arrested After Argument Over Parking Spot


According to a local ABC affiliate, Davis and another man got in an argument over a parking space, and things allegedly got physical. Davis was allegedly the aggressor, according to the report. Jeff Maes, who was involved in the incident recounted the story to Watch 7NEWS:

"He literally parked his car behind me and started shouting at me and I says, 'You need to relax'. And he got out of the car," Maes said Saturday. "When I got hit I went back, I hit my back straight on the concrete and then, I don't know, I must've got up. I looked, he's standing there and I got up to defend myself and started again."

Authorities charged Davis with third-degree assault and disorderly conduct, according to the report, and he was released after posting $1,750 bond.

When reached for comment, the Douglas County Sheriff's Office did not offer any additional details.

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