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Christine O'Donnell Thought Joe Biden Tapped Her Phone


"She told me that she thought Joe Biden tapped her phone line," Murray told Politico.

O'Donnell -- a critic of nude sunbathing -- also hatched a plan to give out tens of thousands of two-ounce suntan lotion packets with clever slogans like "Don't Get Burned By Higher Taxes."

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She asked her staff to compile a 10-page document examining how such packets could shake up the race, several members of O'Donnell's 2008 team told Politico.

David Keegan, who served as O'Donnell's financial officer, called the idea irresponsible.

"And half the people in the street thought she was throwing condoms out of the truck," he added -- not quite the image a woman who doesn't think prophylactics will stop AIDS wants to send.