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CHART: Herman Cain Fundraising Spiked After Sexual Harassment Allegations


Cain's campaign received $245,604 -- more than they had on any other single day within a few weeks of when the allegations emerged -- on Nov. 1, just two days after Politico's Oct. 30 report.

But as the number of sexual harassment allegations went up, the donations flattened out. They really started tapering off after a fourth woman stepped forward on Nov. 7.

Cain eventually suspended his presidential campaign on Dec. 3. More recently he delivered a response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union address, endorsed Newt Gingrich and has been touring around the country promoting his super PAC, which was funded by a New York real estate magnate who used to publish the New York Post.

TPM's Clayton Ashley made this handy chart, showing the rise and fall of Cain's fundraising strength: