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BP Hires Former Dick Cheney Spox To Run PR Ops


BP, in announcing the hire to Reuters, only mentioned that she was the director of public affairs for the Department of Energy under President George W. Bush. A 2005 press release from the DOE mentions that she worked for Cheney, and a slew of articles from 2004 cite her as Cheney's spokeswoman.

Womack-Kolton has also been the director of public affairs for the U.S. Treasury and a senior adviser to an SEC chair, according to the DOE press release, and was the Washington liaison for Sen. John Cornyn when he was the Texas attorney general.

Late update: A BP spokesman tells TPM that Womack-Kolton is "the best person for the job, based on her wealth of experience."

The spokesman, Toby Odone, brushed off questions about the optics of hiring someone with ties to Cheney.

"It was not a popularity contest for which we chose her. It was based on her merits," Odone said.