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Birther Taitz Decries 'Political Lynching' In New Filing Against Judge's $20K Fine

Newscom / a01

Judge Land's actions that amounted to misstating or misrepresenting ninety percent of what was presented in the pleadings and argument, completely ignoring ninety percent of the argument and facts, making extremely rude and demeaning remarks, showing bias; taken together, appear to be designed to silence her and, intimidate her and above all, punish her for what the Court perceived as political rather than "core" constitutional questions. It appears to be a thinly veiled threat to other attorneys not to pursue similar Constitutional issues, which will have a chilling effect on the ability of the public to use Federal Court system to uphold their constitutional rights. Judge Land's remarks amounted to nothing short of political lynching, which turned into feast and celebration by the media mob.

The filing with the US District Court for the Middle District of Georgia is dated Monday and was posted last night. Read the whole thing here.

Taitz also claims that she hired a private investigator who found "39 different social security numbers used by Mr. Obama" including numbers with links to Judge Clay Land's own district. This, Taitz says, is reason she should be granted further discovery.

She told TPMmuckraker last week that she had no intention to pay the $20,000 fine, which stemmed from frivolous filings in the Birther case of Taitz's former client, an Army captain.