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Birther Orly Taitz Faces California Bar Complaint Over Attack On Judge

Newscom / g18

Read Chandra's full complaint right here. Chandra was a Democratic candidate for Attorney General of Ohio in 2006 and a delegate to the Democratic National Convention last year.

Taitz's comments to TPM going after U.S. District Court Judge Clay Land violate section 6068(b) of the California Business & Professions Code, the complaint charges. That section of the law requires attorneys to "maintain the respect due to the courts of justice and judicial officers."

She told TPM yesterday: "Judge Land is a typical puppet of the regime -- just like in the Soviet Union."

The complaint further charges Taitz is violating the code by filing frivolous suits and pursuing actions based on "corrupt motive of passion of interest, namely, discriminatory and political motives."

Once the complaint is received -- it was mailed today, Chandra says -- the investigative division of the bar's Office of Chief Trial Counsel, which deals with disciplinary matters, will review the matter. The process could take up to 6 months, says California bar spokesperson Kathleen Beitiks.

If a violation is found to have occurred, Taitz could face actions ranging from "private reproval to disbarment."