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Bauer Challenges Haley To Take Polygraph On Affair Claim


The Bauer camp in response has issued a press release stating Haley is "not the person she is pretending to be" (which may also reference questions about her religion). He challenged Haley to take a lie detector test and "volunteered to submit to one himself to prove that he had no part in the revelations about Haley."

Bauer continued, referencing the claims of an affair by blogger Will Folks: "And now, we learn that she is refusing to release phone and text messages which could clear up some of the unfortunate recent allegations. Where's the transparency, Nikki?"

The Haley camp fired back: "We're not going to sink into the gutter of South Carolina politics with Andre Bauer. "

Meanwhile, another candidate, Attorney General Henry McMaster, is decrying the behavior of the South Carolina political establishment as "embarrassing" after a GOP state senator called Haley -- as well as President Obama -- a "raghead."