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Baucus's Girlfriend Withdrew US Atty. Nomination Only After Paper's Inquiries


But Jodi Rave, a Missoulian reporter who was covering the story at the time, revealed over the weekend on her blog that, back in March, she had informed Baucus's office that the paper planned to report that he had nominated Hanes. "Within what seemed like minutes," Rave wrote on her blog, the senator's chief of staff emailed the newsroom to say that Hanes "was NOT" a candidate.

In other words, it appears that Hanes withdrew because Baucus realized the episode might damage him publicly -- rather than simply because the two wanted to live together in Washington D.C, as Baucus's office said last week.

Politico reported today that Baucus gave Hanes a nearly $14,000 raise, while she was a staffer in his office and at the time he was becoming romantically involved with her.

And the White House has said it wasn't told when Baucus nominated Hanes that the two were romantically involved.