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AZ Rep-Elect Hires Palin-Connected Dentist As COS


It's the second member of the Palin circle to find work with Gosar. The new congressman also hired Thomas Van Flein, the Palin family's lawyer, as his deputy chief of staff and legislative director.

Van Flein and Robinson also have a history: Van Flein has represented the Alaska Dental Society, of which Robinson is a former president.

"They are battle-tested with me and things we have to take on with regards to dentistry," Gosar told Roll Call.

Palin hired Van Flein in 2008 to defend her in the Trooper-Gate investigation, a scandal revolving around the firing of a state trooper who was embroiled in a family dispute with the Palins. Palin has kept Van Flein on retainer this year, paying him $10,000 a month through her PAC.