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AUDIO: Ex-Councilwoman Stuffs Cash In Bra, Flushes Check As FBI Knocks On Door


"As one of the most egregious and notorious instances of obstruction of justice in recent history, her conduct calls for a sentence that will promote respect for federal law and deter others from engaging in corruption and obstructing justice," federal prosecutors write in a sentencing memorandum. They want a sentence "near the top" of the 12 to 18 month sentencing range.

"If not for the wiretap, Leslie Johnson may have succeeded in enabling Jack Johnson to escape prosecution for that brazen crime," they write. Prosecutors add that her decision to stay on the public payroll after her indictment, while legal, shows she didn't care for the public interest.

"The only interest served by the Defendant's continued presence on the County Council was the financial interest of the Defendant," they write.

Audio from the wiretap below:

Via ABC 7, here's the sentencing memo:

Sent Memo.

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