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Asa Hutchinson Recorded Robocalls For Anti-Reform Rallies Featuring Fox's Stossel


A spokeswoman for Hutchinson's consulting firm confirmed the robocalls to TPMmuckraker, but declined to offer further specifics about Hutchinson's work with the rallies' organizer, Americans For Prosperity.

Hutchinson is a Republican heavy hitter. He was a member of Congress from 1997 to 2001, when he was appointed to lead the Drug Enforcement Agency. He later was a top official in the Dpartment of Homeland Security. And he was the GOP nominee for governor of Arkansas in 2006, losing to Democrat Mike Beebe.

Given the White House's recent decision to call out Fox News for its partisanship, it's significant that Stossel has now effectively been working as a political activist not just with an anti-reform group, but with an actual Republican politician.

Fox News still has not publicly commented on Stossel's participation in the rallies.