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Arizona Court: Ex-Minuteman Chris Simcox Still A Threat To Family

Newscom / ?? Jack Kurtz

Maricopa County Superior Court Commissioner J. Justice McQuire writes that "there is reasonable cause to believe that the defendant has committed an act of domestic violence within the last year," and that "good cause exists to continue the order of protection in this case."

Simcox was ordered to stay away from his family -- and surrender all of his weapons -- after his wife accused him of threatening her with a gun and "saying he was going to kill me, and my kids, and the police" on multiple occasions after drinking.

Simcox has since accused his wife of hiring a bounty hunter -- with whom Simcox says she was having an affair -- to track him down as a part of "a pattern of devious and malicious conduct including statements of iniquity, to torment me emotionally in an apparent attempt to drive me out of my marriage."