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Anti-Muslim Movie Shown On 'Continuous Loop' By NYPD


Documents obtained by the Brennan Center show that at least 1,489 police officers saw the film.

As the New York Times reports, the video allegedly came from someone with the Department of Homeland Security, thought DHS said the film was never authorized:

How the film came to be used in police training, and even for how long, was not clear. An undated memorandum from the department's commanding officer for specialized training noted that an employee of the federal Department of Homeland Security handed the DVD to the New York police in January 2010. Since then, this officer said, the video was shown continuously "during the sign-in, medical and administrative orientation process." A Department of Homeland Security spokesman said it was never used in its curriculum, and might have come from a contractor.

The Clarion Fund was also behind the distribution of 28 million copies of the anti-Muslim film "Obsession" just before the 2008 election.