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Anti-Gay Preacher: Please Give Me Money To Hire A Publicist


Dean continued:

"However, the liberal-biased media has taken this a step further and initiated a full-scale character assassination, attempting to inflict serious damage to the ministry and my reputation. While we are putting up a good defense with the resources we have readily available, we are in serious need of a publicist on a short-term basis."

"We would ask that you please consider making a contribution today to help us acquire the various professional services we need to make sure these kind of attacks on our Biblical foundation will not continue. As you know, we solicit funds to create products with profound life-changing messages, like "My War." However, this plea for support is different as we were not prepared for the expense of fighting for our God-given liberties in this manner :)"

Dean, donning a track jacket and long ponytail, on Friday used his prayer to question Obama's Christianity, saying "every president up until 2008" has acknowledged America's Christian tradition. On Saturday, Dean took to the airwaves to say his prayer had nothing to do with Obama.

A sampling of Dean's positions include: saying that homosexuality essentially breaks the law and asserting there is no difference between Osama bin Laden and Barack Obama.

Dean's youth ministry -- You Can Run But You Can't Hide -- did not immediately respond to TPM's requests for comment.

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