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Anti-Facebook Pastor Taking Leave After Three-Way Revelation


The Living Word Christian Fellowship Church in Neptune, New Jersey held a vote on Miller's status last night. He told the AP that church members had given him a vote of confidence, with some restrictions he did not detail, and said he would return "eventually."

Last week, Miller ordered married leaders of the Living Word Christian Fellowship Church to "give up" Facebook. He blames the social network for a significant portion of the marital trouble he's had to deal with in his counseling work. But his anti-Facebook stance was subsumed by a story in The Asbury Park Press, which reported Miller had once testified about a sexual relationship he had 10 years ago with his wife, a church assistant and, sometimes, the assistant's wife.

After the story came out, Miller called it "old news," but vowed to step down if the church demanded it.

Earlier today, the Living Word Christian Fellowship Church told TPM it could not yet comment on last night's confidence vote, but would be releasing a statement at some point.

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