Another Ex-Member of Team Abramoff Charged — And One More Could Be Next


More developments in the ongoing Jack Abramoff probe…

Last week Trevor Blackann, a former staffer for Missouri Republicans Roy Blunt and Kit Bond, pleaded guilty to concealing thousands of dollars in illegal gifts he received from lobbyists who were part of Team Abramoff.

Those lobbyists were quickly identified as James Hirni, until recently a lobbyist for Wal-Mart, and Todd Boulanger, who until last week worked for Cassidy and Associates, a top DC lobby shop.

And late Friday, reported that prosecutors had filed charges against Hirni, and that he’s expected to plead guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Hirni’s lawyer told the site that Hirni is cooperating with prosecutors, suggesting that DOJ is working to build cases against bigger fish.

As for Boulanger, he could be next to be charged: also Friday, Cassidy and Associates announced that it had “accepted the departure” of the lobbyist that afternoon.