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American Crossroads' Banker Owns Nursing Home Accused Of Failing To Report Abuse


One of them, Hazard Nursing Home Inc., was charged in August with failure to report abuse after one if its 88-year-old female residents, who has Alzheimer's, was allegedly sexually abused by a male resident. The home was allegedly told of the abuse in August 2009, but never reported it to authorities.

It was Conway, the Democratic opponent of Crossroads-backed Rand Paul, who brought the charges. The reports of abuse had been highly publicized in the Kentucky press months earlier.

Crossroads has spent $1.2 million on anti-Conway ads in Kentucky. Forcht -- a major donor who, along with relatives, associates and employees has given $1.1 million to political campaigns since 2002 -- has given $2,400 to Paul, and bundled more than $21,000 for the candidate from employees in just the last five days of June, according to the Louisville Courier-Journal.

"It is my hope that today's charges send a message to nursing home operators and administrators that they have an obligation to notify authorities if a resident is abused while in their care," Conway said when announcing the charges.

The nursing home and its administrator, Sheila Noe, pleaded not guilty to the charges last month.