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After Months Of Silence, Jackson Jr. Speaks — Briefly


Jackson — who was sitting on the stoop in front of his home, smoking a cigar beside his father, Jesse Jackson Sr. — told The Daily that he is "not well" and that he goes to twice daily doctors appointments at George Washington University Hospital "at 10 [a.m.] and 1 p.m."

The Daily also added details to a report which first surfaced on Monday, that Jackson Jr. was spotted last Tuesday and Wednesday at the Bier Baron Tavern in D.C.

"He was here. He was drinking. He was with other people," a waiter identified only as Frank said. "I personally didn't serve his table."

Over the weekend, news broke that Jackson Jr. is the target of a federal criminal probe that is in its final stages, concerning alleged misuse of campaign funds.

Read the rest of The Daily's story here.

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