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The Donald Trump campaign said in a court document filed Friday that it will appeal a restraining order issued by a federal judge in Ohio earlier that day. The order, issued by U.S. District Judge James Gwin, blocked the Trump campaign -- as well as former Trump adviser Roger Stone and his affiliated group -- "from conspiring to intimidate, threaten, harass, or coerce voters on Election Day."

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Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach was on the receiving end of yet another adverse ruling in the litigation surrounding the state's proof-of-citizenship voter registration requirement, which Kobach championed.

A state court in Topeka Friday placed a permanent injunction on a work-around Kobach tried to implement after federal courts deemed the requirement a violation of the National Voter Registration Act. Blocked was his system in which Kansas voters who registered to vote using the federal methods that did not require a documentary proof-of-citizenship would only be able to vote in federal elections, and not in state and local races.

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The federal judge presiding over a case alleging that the Republican National Committee was illegally engaging in so-called "ballot security" activities said Friday that he intended to decide whether to issue an order against the RNC by Saturday if not sooner, according to the initial reports of the Friday morning hearing.

U.S. District Court John Michael Vazquez expressed skepticism toward the arguments made by the Democratic National Committee that the RNC had violated a decades-old consent decree limiting its involvement in elections monitoring, according to reports by Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal and However, he had some pointed questions for the Republican lawyers as well, who have argued that the RNC complied with the decree, and that it shouldn't be punished for the actions or rhetoric of the Donald Trump campaign.

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A federal judge presiding over a voter intimidation lawsuit that the Ohio Democratic Party brought against Republicans said in a hearing in the case Friday issued a restraining order against the Donald Trump campaign, former Trump adviser Roger Stone, and Stone's group Stop the Steal.

U.S. District Judge James Gwin's order blocks the Trump campaign and Stone "from conspiring to intimidate, threaten, harass, or coerce voters on Election Day."

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The legal war Democrats have launched against the GOP and the Donald Trump campaign has expanded to Michigan, where the state Democratic party there filed a lawsuit Friday claiming that the Michigan Republican Party, the Trump campaign, former Trump adviser Roger Stone and his group Stop the Steal have engaged in voter intimidation tactics.

The complaint makes many of the same allegations found in the five other lawsuits mounted by state Democratic parties in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona and North Carolina this week. A separate legal case against the Republican National Committee is ongoing, with Democrats accusing the RNC of violating a decades-old consent decree limiting its participation in so-called "ballot security" initiatives.

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A Republican lawyer is denying Democrats' claim that he insinuated that the Republican National Committee was involved in potentially illegal local poll watcher training in Virginia.

The denial came in a court filing Friday in a case where the Democratic National Committee is alleging illegal RNC participation in so called "ballot security" initiatives.

Democrats has cited as evidence a poll watcher training conference call in which the Virginia Republican Party's General Counsel Chris Marston had referenced "the folks RNC has hired on -- um, to help them with," before laughing and clarifying that the "RNC is not doing anything related to Election Day operations."

The RNC filed an affidavit in response from Marston, explaining the comments.

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The North Carolina Democratic Party filed a lawsuit against its GOP counterpart, as well as the Donald Trump campaign in the state, in the latest front in what has become a multi-state legal battle claiming Republican voter intimidation. The lawsuit, like its equivalents in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Nevada, also names former Trump adviser Roger Stone and his group, Stop the Steal, among the defendants.

The Democrats are pointing to comments Trump has made on the stump encouraging vigilante poll watching. They also cite the initiative led by Stone to recruit so called “Vote Protectors," according to his website, to conduct amateur exit polls, which the North Carolina Dems said was a "phony" guise to "threaten lawful voters." The North Carolina GOP, meanwhile, is accused of "providing financial, personnel, and other organizational support" to Trump's and Stone's efforts. Additionally, the complaint referenced a news story reporting that a Trump supporter with a baseball bat marked "TRUMP" was at a North Carolina polling place video taping and photographing cars while wearing a badge that said he was a "poll observer."

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In legal action claiming that the Republican National Committee was illegally engaged in ballot security activities, Democrats are pointing to a conference call in which a Republican operative mentioned that certain GOP ballot security initiatives in Virginia were being handled by the RNC, before quickly walking the comment back.

"I've got the folks RNC has hired on -- um, to help them with...," Virginia Republican Party General Counsel Chris Marston allegedly said, according to a transcript of a poll worker training conference call filed in court by the Democratic National Committee Thursday.

“I’m sorry. The RNC is not doing anything related to Election Day operations,” Marston went on to say with laughter, according to the transcript. The DNC, nonetheless, argued that the comment indicated "the RNC’s involvement and obfuscation."

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The role a consulting firm hired by the Republican National Committee emerged as a key issue in court docs filed Thursday in the legal action Democrats brought against the Republican National Committee for allegedly engaging in poll watching activities that violated a consent decree.

The Democratic National Committee claimed in a filing that the RNC should be held liable for the activities of poll observers in Nevada who had been hired by Stampede Consulting, LLC, as the RNC had a contract with the firm. But the RNC countered that it has not hired Stampede for any work in Nevada and should not be implicated by the alleged activities of Stampede's poll watchers there.

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As county-level elections officials in North Carolina weighed in August their plans for early voting, they faced pressure from Republican operatives who urged them to eliminate Sunday voting, which is popular among black voters, and keep early voting sites to a minimum.

A report by Reuters Thursday surfaced two new emails North Carolina GOPers sent county elections boards -- which are each generally made up of two Republican-appointees and one Democrat-appointee -- in addition to the emails sent by North Carolina Republican Party executive director Dallas Woodhouse that had been previously reported.

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