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New details from a months-old police report revealed on Friday indicated that Mayor Rob Ford's wife, Renata, displayed bruises indicative of domestic violence and was possibly inebriated, according to a Toronto Star story published by columnist Rosie DiManno.

"The mayor's wife was slurring her words and belligerent with the driver. She either refused to pay the fare or did not have the money," DiManno wrote. "Their argument became so heated that the cabbie called for police assistance." The columnist said the incident occurred "nearly a year ago" and began with a dispute between Renata Ford and a cab driver outside her parents' home.

When police arrived, DiManno wrote that they "observed that Mrs. Ford appeared to have bruising on her limbs."

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Updated: November 15, 2013, 1:07 PM

Even with the allegations of crack smoking, patronizing prostitutes, sexual harassment, and drunk driving, there are still plenty of details to reveal about the now-infamous Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

Canadian courts releasednearly 500 pages of documents on Wednesday, and TPM did a deep dive on the pages that describe disturbing allegations of the embattled Toronto mayor engaging in oxycontin abuse, sexual harassment, and drunken brawls. The accounts come from police interviews with erstwhile members of Ford's inner circle released as past of an application for a search warrant for an alleged drug dealer linked to Ford.

Ford spoke to reporters Thursday and, in characteristically colorful language, vehemently denied the accusations. He also threatened to take legal action against three of the former staffers who spoke to the cops.

Toronto's City Council voted Friday to curtail Ford's powers in an emergency and to ask him to take a leave of absence, but this saga shows no sign of ending. The Council cannot compel him to leave office and he has vowed to fight the limits on his power in court.

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Georgene Mortimer, who runs a winery and lives in Hilton Head, S.C., was recently having trouble accessing the online health insurance exchange. So she decided to check in with the local insurance agent who in 2010 had sold her an individual health insurance policy from a company named USHealth Group. It didn't take long for Mortimer to realize something was off.

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Colorado's Parks and Wildlife Commission is expected to begin the process of approving a ban "prohibiting the use of drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) as an aid in scouting, hunting and taking of wildlife" in a meeting Thursday.

The ban was initially suggested to the commission by the coordinator of a local hunting group who was alarmed after stumbling upon YouTube videos posted by a group called "Louisiana Hog Control" who use a drone dubbed the "Dehogaflier" to kill wild pigs.

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When California's campaign finance watchdog agency announced a $1 million settlement last month against two groups that were behind a massive, anonymous donation in 2012, it was not only big news in the political world -- it was also agency Chair Ann Ravel's last act.

The next day, Oct. 25, Ravel was sworn in as one of President Obama's appointed commissioners to the Federal Election Commission.

Ravel, who before her time with California's Fair Political Practices Commission served as a deputy assistant attorney general in the Justice Department's civil division, moves from an agency that has been among the most active of the state-level actors enforcing campaign finance rules to one, the FEC, which has been criticized for moving too slowly in the post-Citizens United era of campaign spending. TPM spoke by phone this week with Ravel about her past work and her new job.

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