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Managing a strip club is hard work: beer coolers break down and must be replaced, difficult employees need to be dismissed and bouncers need to be kept in line.

Managing a strip club is even harder when it's technically your side gig and your main source of income comes from working for the Drug Enforcement Administration. Those two income streams just aren't compatible.

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When conspiracy theories about a possible military takeover of Texas were just starting to bubble up on fringe blogs in late March, the acting mayor of Biloxi, Mississippi wrote a letter inviting U.S. Army special forces to conduct the “Jade Helm 15” training exercise during the first week of August.

Any mention of “Jade Helm 15” disappeared from the paperwork by the time the Biloxi City Council approved a resolution in early May allowing the military to train there. But that still didn't stop bloggers from speculating that martial law was creeping its way to Mississippi.

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It's been a few months since talk of Muslim "no-go zones" was all the rage among conservative politicians and pundits, but the people in that same circle are starting to gin up fears of "creeping Sharia" law again.

The uptick in concern about the threat of Sharia law to the United States came even as some prominent conservatives surprisingly refused to lionize Pamela Geller, the notoriously anti-Muslim blogger who organized the Mohammad cartoon-drawing contest where two gunmen opened fire earlier this month in Garland, Texas.

Here are the four most recent examples in which conspiracy theorists have been sounding the alarm about what they saw as Islamic law's threat to the First Amendment and the U.S. government.

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Politicians across the country jockeyed to get a piece of the "Jade Helm 15" action after Gov. Greg Abbott (R) asked the State Guard to monitor the planned U.S. military training exercise. Texans waded into the fever swamp of conspiracy theories surrounding the training exercise in recent weeks and took some of their elected representatives along for the ride.

But what's lost in all that noise is the training exercise itself: how service members plan to execute it and what the military aims to accomplish.

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) was the first governor to fan the flames of conspiracy theories about whether an upcoming military training program was actually a secret attempt to impose martial law.

But none of the nation's other governors have been quite so willing to jump on the bandwagon.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) even went so far on Thursday as to say Abbott's decision to order the Texas State Guard to monitor the military exercise was "one of the dumbest things" he'd ever heard. (The military has described the exercise as standard special ops training.)

While McAuliffe's state is not among those hosting the exercise, known as "Jade Helm 15," seven other states are. In fact, over the course of planning the multi-state operation, the US military has named 10 states in which the training was supposed to take place. Three of those states — California, Nevada and Colorado — appear to no longer be involved.

Over the past several days, TPM and other news outlets have reached out to the governors whose states were at some point listed as locations for the training, which is scheduled to run from July 15 to Sept. 15.

Here are the responses so far:

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