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New Jersey lawmakers want to know whether Gov. Chris Christie's (R) re-election campaign communicated with a former Port Authority official prior to his testimony in November in which he blamed George Washington Bridge lane closures on a "traffic study."

The campaign's attorney, Mark Sheridan, told TPM on Tuesday that the New Jersey legislative committee investigating the closure sent the campaign a subpoena this week demanding any material related to testimony former Port Authority official Bill Baroni gave at a hearing before the Assembly's transportation committee. Sheridan said the subpoena also demanded any communications between the campaign and the mayor at the center of the scandal.

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The New Jersey lawmaker leading the investigation into Gov. Chris Christie's (R) administration told TPM on Thursday he has no plans to turn his attention to explosive allegations raised recently by the mayor of Hoboken.

Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D) said in an interview with TPM that his committee's investigation into Christie's office will remain focused, at least for now, on what it has been all along: the September lane closures on the George Washington Bridge. The committee plans to "finish its work" on the bridge before moving on to anything else, he said.

"As I can see it now, there's no direct connection to the work we're doing that stems out of the GWB incident and that Hoboken incident," Wisniewski said. "It is very unlikely that the committee will make any kind of pivot to that issue while we're still working on where the GWB issue takes us."

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Records obtained by TPM show George Washington Bridge traffic was a major factor in recent years as local officials and developers discussed a billion-dollar real estate project in Fort Lee, N.J.

In recent weeks, some have wondered whether the project was somehow linked to lane closures on the bridge in September, which snarled traffic for days in Fort Lee and have sparked multiple investigations into the administration of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R).

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It's the cliche scandal question: what did he know and when did he know it? But it's an important one for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R).

As the George Washington Bridge scandal has unfolded, Christie has several times addressed questions about when he learned about the closures. His answers, or at least their emphasis, has evolved over time.

Take a look:

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There are things we know about the George Washington Bridge lane closing scandal. We learned weeks ago about the basic what, where, and when. Access lanes to the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee, N.J. were closed for several days in September, causing a massive traffic jam in the town.

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