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The world of New Jersey politics is clearly a small one.

We already knew top Republican lobbyist Jeff Michaels was the brother of a Port Authority cop who has come under scrutiny in the George Washington Bridge scandal. However, TPM has learned Michaels also has strong ties to another man involved in the growing investigation.

Michaels used to write for a politics website that, at the time, was run by David Wildstein, a former Port Authority official who orchestrated the September lane closures on the bridge. Michaels' name first came up in conjunction with the scandal over the weekend when an MSNBC report revealed that his brother, Port Authority Police Lt. Thomas "Chip" Michaels, drove Wildstein around the bridge during the closures and texted him updates on the ensuing traffic. The network also reported Chip Michaels had a personal connection to the governor, including coaching Christie's son's hockey team.

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Updated: February 19, 2014, 5:25 PM

Just one day before Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) was elected governor in 2010, a judge widened an ongoing investigation to also include four of the governor's top aides.

That's according to documents from 27,000 emails and 434 pages of search warrants related to an ongoing secret investigation of Walker released on Wednesday.

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One of the New Jersey lawmakers investigating the George Washington Bridge scandal said on Tuesday she thinks a cop who was at the scene of the lane closures in September will end up being subpoenaed in the matter.

State Sen. Loretta Weinberg (D) told TPM on Tuesday that she expects at least one of the three ongoing investigations into the lane closures, including possibly hers, will hand a subpoena to Port Authority police Lt. Thomas "Chip" Michaels.

Michaels became a focus of the scandal this weekend after MSNBC reported that he grew up in the same town as Gov. Chris Christie (R) and has other personal ties to him. Some Democrats in New Jersey have alleged the lanes were closed to cause a traffic jam in nearby Fort Lee, N.J. because the mayor there refused to endorse the governor's re-election campaign.

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Multi-million dollar hotel deals and a prolific hobby as an alleged amateur pornographer. It appears Melvin Reynolds, the former Illinois congressman who left office in disgrace following his conviction of, among other things, having sex with one of his underaged campaign volunteers, has been busy in Zimbabwe.

Reynolds had tried to become something of a business mogul in the country, leading U.S. business delegations and helping strike a $145 million deal to build a Hilton hotel in its capital city, according to various published reports of his post-prison business dealings.

But Reynold's arrest Monday in the capital Harare has echoes of his past troubles. A report from the state-controlled Herald newspaper, cited though not independently confirmed by other news outlets, said Reynolds was charged with possessing pornographic materials and violating the country's immigration laws.

The Herald, relying on an aide to Reynolds identified as "Sunny" and another unnamed source, supplied the sordid details of the ex-congressman's alleged lifestyle while cutting business deals in the African country.

He shot more than 100 pornographic videos and snapped 2,000 pornographic pictures while in the company of up to 10 "beautiful women" -- "famous models" even -- at a time, according to the report, while four personal aides kept watch.

He also amassed more than $24,000 in bills at two different hotels and remained in Zimbabwe after his visa expired, the Herald said.

The Herald, which is owned by the Zimbabwe government, has been described by Freedom House, an international watchdog group, as a newspaper "whose propagandistic coverage favors [President Robert] Mugabe." Mugabe has been targeted with sanctions by the United States and European Union for alleged human rights violations and suppression of democratic values, including freedom of the press.

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New Jersey lawmakers want to know whether Gov. Chris Christie's (R) re-election campaign communicated with a former Port Authority official prior to his testimony in November in which he blamed George Washington Bridge lane closures on a "traffic study."

The campaign's attorney, Mark Sheridan, told TPM on Tuesday that the New Jersey legislative committee investigating the closure sent the campaign a subpoena this week demanding any material related to testimony former Port Authority official Bill Baroni gave at a hearing before the Assembly's transportation committee. Sheridan said the subpoena also demanded any communications between the campaign and the mayor at the center of the scandal.

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