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Duke Deconstructed.

On Friday, Duke Cunningham's defense lawyers issued their Sentencing Memorandum, asking for six years incarceration. The memorandum included a psychiatric evaluation. Enter Duke's mind:

A psychiatrist says Randy “Duke” Cunningham's fall from Vietnam War hero to corrupt politician grew out of “an outsized ego and a mantle of invulnerability” that allowed him to rationalize his behavior.

That mindset evolved from a military career in which Cunningham was taught to embrace aggressive tactics and ignore danger signs and enabled him to perform heroically during the Vietnam War, the doctor said.

Those traits, imperative for fighter pilots, were so engrained in Cunningham that although he was expected to behave differently in Congress “the psyche cannot make such a U-turn easily,” said Dr. Saul Faerstein....

Faerstein said Cunningham's “extraordinary deeds in the service planted a subconscious sense of entitlement which fed his rationalization to accept these gifts for his sacrifices.”

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Mitchell Wade, owner of MZM, Inc. and part-owner of Duke Cunningham, will plead guilty today. He's been cooperating with prosecutors for months. As Josh notes, "we'll be very interested to see what gets mentioned in his plea agreement and how far (and how high -- as some close to the case have long speculated) he takes this into the Pentagon." We'll get you details as soon as we learn them.

But there is plenty of other muck to be had today: 

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The Russian connection gets stronger. 

Another subpoena has been issued in the Abramoff investigation.

The investigators want to know more about Jack Abramoff and his work for his Russian clients. He represented two top Naftasib executives, Alexander Koulakovsky and Marina Nevskaya. Naftasib is a Russian energy giant, and a major supplier to the Russian military.

But wait! There's more: investigators also want to know more about Tom DeLay's work for the Russians. This is the second subpoena to name DeLay. So no bones about it - he is under investigation.

From today's Boston Globe:

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