White House: No, Obama Is Not Nixon

White House spokesman Jay Carney balked when asked by a reporter Tuesday how President Obama feels about being compared to Richard Nixon.

“I don’t have a reaction from President Obama,” Carney said. “I can tell you that people who make those kind of comparisons need to check their history.”

He called it “a reflection of the sort of rapid politicization of everything that you have that kind of commentary.”

The White House is fending off questions about conduct at the IRS and Justice Department, as well as ongoing questions from Republicans about Benghazi.

“What we have here with one issue in Benghazi that is so clearly, as we’re learning more and more, a political sideshow and a political effort to exploit a tragedy,” Carney said. “The president feels strongly about that. You heard him address that yesterday. On these other issues, these are things that we are finding out about and we need to wait appropriately for independent action to be completed before he can in any way take action or comment specifically on it.”


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