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As RNC Trolls, White House Recalls 'Many Hugs' Between Obama, Hillary

AP Photo / Carolyn Kaster

Peppered with questions from reporters traveling with the president at Martha's Vineyard, White House deputy spokesman Eric Schultz said Obama "appreciated" former Secretary of State Clinton's call to make nice and stressed their "close and resilient relationship."

A Clinton spokesman said Tuesday she called Obama to make sure he knows that nothing she told the Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg was "an attempt to attack him" and that she "she looks forward to hugging it out" when the two meet on Wednesday night.

Schultz said Obama "values her opinion" on policy matters and is looking "onwards and upwards." He added, "I believe the president and Secretary Clinton have had many hugs over the years."

Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee wryly said in an email to reporters Wednesday morning that Clinton was "literally hugging the President—hugging his flagging poll numbers, his failed foreign policy, and his abysmal legislative record. Perhaps the biggest takeaway: Hillary tried distancing herself and failed so spectacularly that she’s hugging him instead. Quite the tight rope. Can't wait for this hug."