Trump Campaign Adviser Says GOP Tax Overhaul Is ‘Death To Democrats’

Stephen Moore, a conservative economist who advised President Donald Trump’s campaign on economic and tax policy, said in an interview published Tuesday that the Republican tax overhaul currently under debate by the House is “death to Democrats.”

“They go after state and local taxes, which weakens public employee unions. They go after university endowments, and universities have become play pens of the left,” Moore told Bloomberg. “And getting rid of the mandate is to eventually dismantle Obamacare.”

He argued that the tax overhaul legislation, which would repeal Obamacare’s individual mandate, would accelerate “a death spiral” in its exchanges.

“It’s death to Democrats,” Moore said.

Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX), the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, denied to Bloomberg that the tax legislation deliberately targets Democrats.

According to Bloomberg, however, the overhaul would have the strongest negative effect on residents of high-tax states (largely Democratic), universities (largely Democratic) and graduate students (largely Democratic).


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