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Stevens: Appropriate To Consider Successor When Retiring From SCOTUS


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is under pressure to retire while President Obama is in office so that he can appoint another liberal-leaning judge in her place. However, she has repeatedly argued that justices should not retire only when Presidents with similar political views are in the White House.

Stevens told ABC that Ginsburg didn't need his help deciding about her retirement.

"I'd say she doesn’t need my advice," he said.

Stevens told ABC that he had an agreement with retired Justice David Souter that he would tell Stevens when it was time to retired. Souter ended up retiring before Stevens.

"Well, my decision was not made for any political reason whatsoever. It was my concern about my own health," Stevens said about his retirement from the Supreme Court.

Correction: The original version of this post said that Stevens told ABC that he gave Ginsburg advice on retirement. He told ABC that he gave her advice on becoming a Senior Associate Supreme Court Justice.