Romney Aide: Scene In ‘The Newsroom’ Didn’t Really Happen


A former spokesman for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign made it clear that what transpired on Sunday’s episode of the HBO drama “The Newsroom” was purely fictional.

The episode depicted one of the show’s lead characters getting booted off the Romney campaign bus after grilling some campaign spokespeople. But former Romney spokesman Ryan Williams told The Salt Lake Tribune that it didn’t really happen.

“You all would have heard about that if it had happened,” Williams said, saying that the show “doesn’t seem to be very close to the truth.”

“The Newsroom” is known for blending fiction with real life events. Another storyline this season has involved a character’s interactions with an organizer for “Occupy Wall Street.”

But it wasn’t the first time the Romney camp felt the need to correct a fictional drama. During last year’s campaign, Mitt Romney’s son, Tagg, slammed “Mad Men” for making a passing reference to his late grandfather, former Michigan Gov. George Romney.


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