Romney Adviser: Right-Wing Polling Facing ‘Some Kind Of Systemic Crisis’


Former Romney campaign adviser Dan Senor on Wednesday acknowledged that he and his fellow Republicans misread the American electorate in 2012, while suggesting that the election proves there is “some kind of systemic crisis today in the world of polling.” Senor specifically highlighted the poor performance by right-leaning pollsters such as Rasmussen, as well as Gallup. 

“There is some kind of systemic crisis today in the world of polling, I think particularly on the right-of-center polling. The modeling was way off,” Senor said during an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. “How pollsters on the Republican side, although not just on the Republican side, you saw Gallup make similar mistakes, you saw Rasmussen make similar mistakes. The understanding, the assumptions made about what the electorate looked like was way off.” 


(Photo: Staff Sgt. Jacob N. Bailey/DoD/Newscom)


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