Reid: ‘Bob Kerrey Was Promised Nothing’

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) said Sunday that he “promised nothing” to Sen. Bob Kerrey (D-NE) in the lead-up to his decision to run for his old seat.

“Anyone that knows Bob Kerrey knows that you don’t need to make a deal with Bob Kerrey,” Reid said on CNN’s State of the Union. “He’s running because he wants to run. He loved the Senate. He’s coming back. Bob Kerrey and I had conversations not over a few days, but over many, many months. And the things we talked about were between the two of us. But Bob Kerrey was promised nothing.”

The majority leader, pointedly questioned about it by Candy Crowley, said he offered Kerrey no enticements in the realm of committee seats or other posts, arguing that those decisions are made after elections.


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