Oklahoma Teen Shoots Self In Mouth Trying To Prove Rifle Wasn’t Loaded, Authorities Say

A teenage boy from Logan County, Okla. put a rifle in his mouth and pulled the trigger without realizing it was loaded on Tuesday, KFOR reported.

Logan County authorities said Jared Ridgway, 16, was trying to prove to a friend that the rifle wasn’t loaded when he stuck the firearm in his mouth. The boy’s mother told KFOR that he suffered a stroke as a result of the gunshot wound and that doctors may not be able to remove the bullet for fear of excessive bleeding.

The incident occurred at a friend’s house, where Logan County Sheriff’s Department Capt. Richard Stephens said the homeowners “left the scene knowing full well the boys had a firearm and were likely to use it.”

Stephens said child negligence charges had been presented to the District Attorney against the owner of the trailer where the incident occurred.


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