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Jon Stewart: 'The World Has Gone Mad' While I Was Away! (VIDEO)

Comedy Central

"The world has gone mad!" Stewart observed. "You go on vacation for two weeks, you come back to see that things are so fucked up in our world that the two happiest places on Earth right now are Germany and Cleveland."

Stewart mocked anti-immigration protesters for invoking Jesus against Central American migrants, pointing out that Jesus was something of a "radical destroyer of the status quo" himself.

Moving on to the incessant air strikes in Israel and Gaza, Stewart said one needs to look no further than the reporters covering the bombings to see just how "asymmetrical" the conflict is.

"The Gaza reporter looks like an extra from 'The Hurt Locker' while the reporter in Israel looks like he's gonna bang out his stand-up and then head to a Jimmy Buffett concert," he quipped. "They're a living political cartoon for the war in the Middle East."

Watch below, courtesy of Comedy Central: