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Jon Stewart: Can 'F*cking Crazy' ISIS Even Lead? (VIDEO)

Comedy Central

Building a caliphate is all well and good, Stewart argued, until ISIS has to start compensating its fighters, maintaining its territory -- and hosting the Olympic Games.

"Take a good look at us. We're living your dream," the comedian said on "The Daily Show." "We're the most powerful state in history. We influence the whole world, and all we talk about is how everything sucks now."

Americans were happier in the pre-bureaucracy Revolutionary War days, he added.

“But you know what came after that?” Stewart said. “Two-hundred years of f*cking paperwork, that’s right. And by the way, of all the places to build a new government, great job picking the one region where they go through regimes like Pringles.”

Watch below, courtesy of Comedy Central: