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Missouri Guv. On District Attorney: 'Confident' Justice Will Be Served

AP Photo / Julie Smith

Nixon was pressed on the question during an appearance on CNN's State of the Union on Sunday. Host Candy Crowley pointed out that some in the community have suggested McCulloch may not be totally impartial because of his connections to his connections to law enforcement in the state.

"Well he's Democratically elected, by overwhelming numbers and re-elected--" Nixon began before Crowley cut him off.

"But are you confident in him?" the CNN host said.

"I am confident that with dual investigations that ultimately justice will be served here and I believe that everybody has a duty to do here," Nixon said. "I think that all the folks around this appreciate fully the pressure and the watch that's going on here and I am hopeful that everyone is going to live up to those duties and do a good job."

"But I can't get you to say that you're absolutely confident that Robert McCulloch can do that?" Crowley pressed.

"I think that clearly he has experience, he has the office that people here have elected him, and you don't want to prejudge any of this," Nixon said. "I do know that everybody's working here. I think the Justice Department being involved, the local prosecutor being involved, the investigators being involved —there's a lot of folks out there on the street to make sure they get this one right. I think that with that intention I think that they will move this case forward."