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Stephen Colbert Loses A Name-Dropping Competition To Hillary Clinton

Comedy Central

Clinton appeared on the show to promote her new book "Hard Choices." Before she came out to the stage, Colbert accused the potential 2016 presidential contender of being an epic name-dropper.

After Clinton appeared at the side of the stage, Colbert feigned surprise and exclaimed, "Hillary Clinton!"

"Now, who's a name-dropper, Stephen?" Clinton replied.

In true Colbert fashion, he shot back: "That's not what Tom Hanks calls me when we're hanging out with George Clooney."

The two went on to bring up Meryl Streep, Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa and even Oprah.

Colbert tried to win the competition by mentioning the time he hosted an "entire show with Bill Clinton."

Unfortunately, Clinton revealed that she knew Bill too.

Watch below, courtesy of Comedy Central: