Fox News Goes After Mitt Romney On Insurance Mandate

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly threw a curveball at Mitt Romney on Wednesday afternoon, asking the Republican presidential contender about his previous stated support for an insurance mandate. Kelly followed the question with a video for her viewers, showing Mitt Romney in 2008 on Charlie Gibson’s show stating his support for a mandate.

“People have looked at this topic a 100 times – more than 100 times,” Kelly said. “I agree a state should have the capacity if it wants a healthcare mandate. We had that in our state. Why did you say that there?”

Romney largely deferred to his preference to let each state craft its own program:

“Time and again I pointed out I’m not in favor of a healthcare plan that includes a national mandate,” he said. “I put a presentation together describing my healthcare plan when I ran last time. In that I said not national program. State by state. Let each state craft its own program. This thing — if you want — if you want to go back — the answer is, I believe we should get rid of Obama-care, it’s a disaster, it’s going to cost a trillion dollars plus.”

Watch below:




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