Florida Students End Sit-In At Gov. Rick Scott’s Office After 31 Days


A group of student activists known as the Dream Defenders ended their sit-in Thursday at the Florida capitol in Talahassee after 31 days and 30 nights, the Miami Herald reported.

The activists weren’t able to get Gov. Rick Scott (R) to call a special session on the state’s Stand Your Ground law, but they did draw national attention for the longest sit-in the capitol has seen in recent history.

The sit-in began July 16, three days after George Zimmerman was acquitted in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Scott met with the protesters on July 18, but refused their demands, according to the Herald.

“We said if [Scott] would not give us a seat at the table, we would sleep on the floor until [he] gave us what we deserved,” Dream Defenders Executive Director Phillip Agnew told the Herald.

Agnew said the group planned to work on registering thousands of new voters in the coming months, and return to the capitol for the fall legislative committee hearings.


Zoë Schlanger is Frontpage Editor at TPM. Zoë was a TPM intern in 2011, and prior to returning here she was editor in chief of NYU Local, the alternative independent student news site at NYU. Zoë has interned at places like the Nation, InsideClimate News, The Rachel Maddow Show and Gothamist. She can be reached at zoe@talkingpointsmemo.com.