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Family Research Council's VP Says American Christians 'Are Dead, Asleep' In Culture War

AP Photo / Anonymous

Boykin's comments, made during a panel on Friday at the Values Voter Summit, went on to say that that the church needs to get into the culture war.

"There is no other solution to our ills than for the church to wake up, get off your dead behinds and get in this culture war that we’re involved in," Boykin added.

Also participating in the panel was Lea Carawan, who directs the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation. Carawan made similar comments to Boykin saying that the church hasn't been sufficiently involved in cultural disagreements. She also said that "the secular progressive agenda is simple and dangerous: use the limitless financial resources at their disposal and the power of government to overwhelm and bury religious freedom in the ash heap of history."

"And that’s their plan. Not on our watch," Carawan continued. "Not on our watch. We’ve relied on defending our freedom in the courts. But this isn’t sufficient. We have to go on the offensive. We have to be aggressive. We have to stand up. We have to be intentional and strategic."