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Ex-Rep. Rivera's Gal Pal Returns From Exile, Talks To Feds

AP Photo / Alan Diaz

Sources told the newspaper that Alliegro arrived in Miami this past weekend. Federal agents have taken her passport, and she is negotiating a deal to avoid prison time. 

“The deal is simple: cooperate,” a source told The Herald. “They want Rivera.”

Rivera served one term, from 2011-2013. He was defeated for re-election in 2012 by Democrat Joe Garcia. 

Alliegro reportedly served as a go-between for Rivera and an out-of-nowhere 2012 Democratic congressional primary candidate in Florida's 26th Congressional District. Last year, the Herald reported that Rivera helped "orchestrate and fund" a mailer effort for the candidate, who was running against Garcia, who eventually won Rivera's seat. And the candidate, Justin Lamar Sternad, pleaded guilty earlier this year to federal charges, including conspiracy to make false statements to the Federal Election Commission and accepting illegal campaign contributions.