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Tom Coburn Calls Gaps In DHS Cybersecurity 'Inexcusable'

AP Photo / Sue Ogrocki

Coburn said that the deficiencies in the department's information security are a national security risk.

"The fact is the federal government’s classified and unclassified networks are dangerously insecure, putting at risk not only U.S. national security, but the nation’s critical infrastructure and vast amounts of our citizens' personally identifiable information," he said.

The report found multiple ways in which DHS failed to properly secure its information and networks. For example, the department does not have a central repository for monitoring information it stores in a public cloud, and so DHS cannot accurately keep track of that information. Additionally, the department does not address all security deficiencies, which has been a problem for the last few years, according to the report.

[H/t Roll Call