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Cantor: Any Deal With Iran 'Is Not Worth The Paper It’s Written On'

AP Photo / Steven Senne

"First of all, since when do we trust Iran? Iran has demonstrated again and again it cannot be trusted," he said. "I believe that the attitude should be mistrust and verify."

Cantor said he doesn't accept a "false choice between war and a policy of appeasement" but that the United States could use its economic and diplomatic influence to "continue to build the pressure so we could protect our interest and our allies’ interests."

"All we have to do is listen to our allies who are most proximate to the threat in the region, Israel, the Gulf, Arab allies that we have, who have been saying all along that any kind of deal with this regime in Iran is not worth the paper it’s written on, that it’s very, very dangerous for us to allow Iran to now have the ability to claim that it has a right to enrich, which is contrary to all the UN Security Council activities of late," Cantor said.

"And which we know, I think Congress has spoken out and said it’s unacceptable."


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