ADL Demands Gov. Strip Confederate Flag From Alabama Police Uniforms


The Anti-Defamation League has put Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley (R) on notice: Remove the confederate flag from the state trooper uniforms.

In a letter, ADL Southeast Regional Director Mark Moskowitz demanded an executive order be issued by Bentley to remove the Confederate flag from the emblem of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

“Removing the Confederate flag from the Agency’s emblem would convey a resounding message that your administration is sensitive to the concerns of the African American community and committed to the public safety of all,” according to the letter.

The emblem features two eagles, the British flag and the Confederate flag.

The letter said in light of the “hate crime at Emanuel AME Church allegedly perpetrated by an individual who embraces the Confederate flag as a symbol of his white supremacist beliefs,” it is critical that the major police force in Alabama not feature the flag.

Following the South Carolina massacre of nine parishioners at a historic black church, Bentley removed four Confederate flags from a monument next to the Alabaman capitol building. On Tuesday, an Alabama attorney filed a lawsuit against Bentley over the flag’s removal.

The full letter is below:

h/t Atlanta Journal Constitution