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Bachmann Repeats Her Reagan Gaffe

Perhaps indicating how she’s fallen as a candidate, Bachmann struggles to fit all her economic thoughts into a concise period…

GOP: 999 Under Fire

Within the first few minutes they’ve turned on Herman Cain. He dismisses the charges that he’s in essence calling for…

Bachmann's Vegas Nod

Bachmann opens by proclaiming, “This is one night where I hope what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas!”

GOP Debate: Perry Is 'Authentic'

Rick Perry describes himself in his introduction as “an authentic conservative… not a conservative of convenience.”

GOP Debate: National Anthem

Strange that CNN insists on opening its debates with a rendition of the national anthem, but Fox doesn’t.

GOP Debate: Western Intro

CNN opens with a bizarre “western” intro, replete with cowboys, cattle, and rolling plains. These are the kind of issues…