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Romney Wins Iowa By 8 Votes

Iowa’s GOP State Party Chair has announced what the party considers the final results. He declared Romney the winner by…

CNN Phones Two Iowa Precinct Captains

CNN’s John King and Wolf Blitzer are talking with two women related to what seems to be the mysterious “missing…

CNN: Santorum Now Up By Four

With the very final votes still being counted, Santorum is now up by four votes, reports CNN.

CNN: Mitt Romney Up By ONE Vote

CNN is reporting late tonight that Mitt Romney has taken a lead over Rick Santorum by just one vote. One…

Piers Morgan Draws Rocky Comparison

On CNN, Piers Morgan compliments Rick Santorum: You’re a bit like Rocky Balboa. Santorum didn’t mind the comparison.

Priorities USA Statement

Statement from Bill Burton, Senior Strategist, Priorities USA Action:

Despite Mitt Romney’s $14 million bet to win the Iowa Caucuses…