9 Spectacular Videos Of The Russian Meteorite Blast


A massive meteor that exploded over central Russia on Friday and left nearly 1,000 people injured was recorded by scores of amateur videographers.

The clips — recorded from the dashboards of vehicles, backyards and inside buildings — show an otherworldly beam of light streaking across the sky, with some even capturing the unnerving sound of the blast.

TPM compiled some of the most striking videos out there:This clip from a rural area shows the trail in the sky and captures the impact’s sound.

Here, a dashboard cam shows a spectacular beam of light brighten the sky.

A split-screen shows the meteor light up the sky, and a man’s perplexed reaction.

Surveillance footage shows a roundabout turn almost completely white.

This dashboard camera provided a closer glimpse of the fireball.

Another dashboard cam shows a strobe-light effect over a lush forested area.

Another camera provided footage from a vehicle seemingly directly below the meteor.

An epic blast from the meteorite can be heard at the 28 second mark of this video.

The blast can be heard immediately in this video, along with windows shattering.


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