How Cutting-Edge Technology & Science Are Powering The Future TPM Idealab

You've noticed them printed on posters in subways, on corners of magazine ads, billboards, store signs, in books, sometimes on business cards, and even these days on tombstones.

Those black-and-white, square-shaped barcodes popping up everywhere are known as QR Codes, and now for the first time ever, the Royal Dutch Mint in the Netherlands has incorporated the Japanese technology into a new commemorative edition of its five and 10 Euro denomination coins.

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Voyager 1, launched in 1977, is speeding away from the sun at more than 100,000 miles per hour. And as Popular Science writes, it may leave our solar system any day now. Its sister satellite, Voyager 2, is several billion miles behind, and will cross the boundary after Voyager 1.

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